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.. the Everyday Evangelist, an ordinary housewife on an extraordinary mission for Jesus.. this blog aims to jump start like-minded believers to step out in Boldness, to go on Assignment and take Territory for the Kingdom of God…Mission B.A.T.

‘Now therefore ARISE, go over … YOU and all these people, to the LAND which I am giving to them …Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have GIVEN you...’ Joshua 1:2,3     


Series on Supernatural Healings

September 16, 2017

EE Friends, Supernatural Healing, Signs and Wonders, belong to us as we step out in BOLDNESS to be Heaven’s conduits of POWER ????and LOVE ?? on planet earth.  In the past 17 days, I have experienced a series of out-of-this-world healing incidents in EVERYDAY life.  Things are picking up intense momentum as we head towards the 500th anniversary (October 31, 2017) of Reformation begun in Germany by Martin Luther.  Here’s a rundown of events:

1. 2 weeks ago, I had a chance to witness to a craftsman whom we have known for a few years.  He supplied us with beautifully crafted high-end double-glazed custom windows for our house.  He came by to conduct some repair work.  On this day, we found time to chat, an unusual occurrence in both of our uber busy lives!  He shared with me that he was unable to shake off a severe sinus infection for weeks on end and it was weighing heavily on him.  Before he left, I asked if I could pray for his healing, explaining to him briefly — I not only believe in a living God but also a HEALING God.  He said yes.  I laid hands on him, prayed in tongues and commanded the cold to leave his body and his body to heal.  Afterwards he told me that he sensed that everything seemed brighter while I was praying.  He left my home saying, it’s customers like me that make it worth his while to be in business.  One week later, he texted to say that his symptoms are gone! ????

2. Last week, I was having a meeting with a hotel manager to book venues for a revival conference I am organizing with a pastor friend of mine, Christian Schnarnagl, a fellow evangelist.  As we were discussing venue prices etc., my friend, Neide Paulino, who opened the doors of favor for us, started sharing with this manager about God.  I sensed that this lady was all ears … I weighed in on what it means to have a living relationship with a living God.  To my surprise, these words popped out of my mouth in German: ‘we can communicate with God through His Spirit, for instance right now, I believe we ought to be praying for you as you have some pains in your body.’  In a typical understated German way, she was astounded and allowed me to pray for her knees.  I put my hands on her knees, all this happening in the middle of the hotel lobby, while my other two friends were praying in the Spirit discreetly.  As I was praying, I told her I saw the words ‘porous’ bones and ‘Osteoporosis’.  She was all choked up and kept saying, ‘this can’t be happening!’  By the end of the prayer, she said she felt a warmth inside of her.  Praise Jesus,! We became heaven’s conduits for this woman to encounter God supernaturally, when we stepped out in boldness! ????

3. Last Sunday evening, out of the blue, my lower back snapped in excruciating pain.  I suddenly came down with acute lumbago.  My back continued to stiffen, as if a giant vice grip clamped down on my lower back. I couldn’t even stand up or straighten my back without dagger-like sensations at the base of my spine.  I started declaring healing and commanding the pain to go, while my behind was glued to the floor the entire time. By Monday, I thought it got better, but it didn’t.  My husband was increasingly worried and kept offering me a host of drugs and painkillers that he has, in his meds stock pile.  I refused.  I told him I was going to do everything I can to get healing from the Lord first. On Tuesday, I woke up with a fever and deteriorating back ache. I decided to clear my schedule that day, stayed in bed to fast and pray, in between bouts of blacking out in fatigue.  The next morning I was 80% healed.  On Thursday, I found myself sharing with a young lady, who happens to be a nurse, about my healing miracle.  She said, what happened to me was not medically possible, without painkillers or injections, and certainly not in that time frame. ????        

Friends, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  His healing is available for any and every  person, who will receive it, especially the lost, who desperately need to experience His supernatural touch, His love and His POWER.  Own it!  The Supernatural is ours to begin with.