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.. the Everyday Evangelist, an ordinary housewife on an extraordinary mission for Jesus.. this blog aims to jump start like-minded believers to step out in Boldness, to go on Assignment and take Territory for the Kingdom of God…Mission B.A.T.

‘Now therefore ARISE, go over … YOU and all these people, to the LAND which I am giving to them …Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have GIVEN you...’ Joshua 1:2,3     


'Identity in Christ or CRISIS' Bible Study Workshop in Frankurt am Main

The next 'Identity in Christ or CRISIS' Bible Study Workshop will be held on February 24th, 2018 in Frankfurt am Main. Click here to register!

Over 150 people have attended this workshop so far. Register below for the Workshop in Frankfurt am Main and receive more details.

Date: Saturday,  February 24, 2018

Time: 10:30 - 17:30 

Admission is free. Limited places available.

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Here’s some of the tremendous feedback we received from our workshop in Singapore

A fundamental message to all believers at all stages of faith applicable to all ages. Wai-yee’s refreshing and genuine delivery coupled with her raw passion for the Word is personally the supplement I need in my spiritual life. Seven hours of a day’s workshop and we want more!! Whilst the message may be familiar having been taught by pastors led by grace, Wai-yee has a gift of delivering these foundational biblical principles sharply yet lovingly. - Gillian

The workshop is Word-based and led by the Holy Spirit, therefore I had a powerful time of learning. I believe that what was taught is foundational for every christian, in order that we not be tossed to and fro by every wave of deceit the world is full of. Thank you. God’s favor is with you. - Clarabelle

Wai-yee is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker of the gospel and how to apply the Word of God to our lives that magnifies the grace and glory of the Lord. My spirit man is tremendously nourished by the fatness of the Word of God taught during the Bible study workshop. I highly recommend all believers, especially new believers, to attend this workshop so that they can realise how blessed we are as the sons and daughters of God in Jesus Christ! - Eleanor

The focus on the Word is excellent as this is lacking in the church and also because believers are bombarded with so many distractions. - Joy Eva

The workshop has been broken down to bit-size which was easy for us to understand. It certainly helped me to realise how normal it is for us to battle with the flesh and us being the children of God. Thank you for taking time to share with us your joy of being God’s child and on teaching us how to apply His Word. You could have just enjoyed your holidays with your family, but yet you chose to spend it with us. Thank you and God bless. - Jez

The workshop in Singapore in August 2017.