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‘Now therefore ARISE, go over … YOU and all these people, to the LAND which I am giving to them …Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have GIVEN you...’ Joshua 1:2,3     


Harvest at a 5-Star Hotel Spa in NYC

by Wai-yee Schmidt

July 27, 2016

My family spent a week in New York City over summer. We were staying in a gorgeous 5-Star hotel near Central Park where Hollywood celebs hang.(I even shared the elevator with Morgan Freeman!). I booked myself a massage in the hotel spa.  I was so looking forward to it … it’s been pretty intense in Manhattan so far.  My therapist was a petite, gentle lady with strong hands.  

We engaged in polite small talk at the beginning of the massage.  She casually asked how I stay physically fit for my age and asked if I did triathlons.  I laughed out loud and said no, I do workout occasionally to stay fit, but I personally believe that God is the one that keeps me healthy … SUPERNATURALLY!  Surprisingly she replied, ‘I believe that too!’  That kicked off our little conversation to explore God issues. She mentioned that she was from a Catholic background.  Out of nowhere,she said, as a child she used to watch her father pray in tongues(!). ???? She was fascinated and always wondered what that was all about.  I took the cue from the Holy Spirit and told her, don’t get weird out, but I pray in tongues too.  She then mentioned that only one relative in her family was born again, but she was not.  I then asked if she would allow me to pray over her after my massage. She said yes.

After the massage, I laid hands on her and BOLDY prayed in TONGUES over her,before I prayed in WORDS over her.  She said afterwards that I had no idea how my prayer had touched on so many things … that were actually happening in her life.  She also felt a huge weight lifted off her.  I asked if she wanted to begin a personal and living relationship with Jesus and she said yes, without hesitation. She gave her life to Jesus that day at the spa. That was the first time I witnessed and brought someone to Christ without a shred of clothing on me the entire time.  In hindsight, it was absolutely hysterical! Jesus has such a sense of humor.

The last time we emailed each other, she mentioned so many good things have
happened to her since we met. PTL!

All glory to Jesus who has allowed me to bring in the first harvests in the US! Dear EE friends, as you read these chronicles, please keep every baby believer in prayer.  They need our prayer covering to continue their walk with Jesus!


Do not fear, while witnessing, to TALK about and MOVE in the Supernatural, like praying in TONGUES over unbelievers. You never know what touches the heart of the person, but He does. Let the Holy Spirit take over! Our heavenly Father wants to win the heart of the lost and His Spirit knows how to get you THERE.

1 Corinthians 2:9-10 (NKJV)
‘Eye has not seen, nor ear has heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’ But God has revealed them to US through His Spirit.

PS - More EE adventures to come, stay tuned!