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Feedback from our last Workshop in Frankfurt

By Wai-yee Schmidt

October 21, 2017

God is ALWAYS able to ACCOMPLISH His mission, whether or not, we think we are executing His plan well!  We experienced that again first hand in a BIG way lately.  

Last Sunday, out of freak bad planning and communication on our part, we ended up holding a Sunday Identity Bible workshop, which we typically never do. We didn’t publicise the event and were targeting a small group of new born-again believers whom we brought to Jesus in recent months.  We wanted to focus on newbie discipleship.  Most, however, didn’t turn up.  I pushed past attacks of discouragement regarding the poor turnout and focused on simply running the workshop excellently. Of the faithful few that showed up, one was the mom of a young lady in my local revival group. We knew who she was and thought she was already a believer.  However, when I explained the absolute necessity to be born again (as part of the topics I cover), I sensed a distinct nudge from the Holy Spirit regarding this lady.  After elaborating on John 3:3, I asked this lady pointedly, whether she has ever made a clear decision to give her life to Jesus as God and Savior and not just having a vague belief in God.  She said no. Without missing a beat, I invited her to do so on the spot.  She said ‘YES’ decisively … zero hint of hesitation.  

After the workshop, she admitted it was that last step of confessing her faith in Jesus openly, that she had failed to take.  However, once she sealed her decision to follow Jesus, she was good to go, even for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  She started bubbling in tongues the very second we laid hands on her.  Her daughter had asked us to pray for her hands as they were stiff and full of pain.  I saw the word ‘bones’ in German as I was praying and she confirmed she had arthritis in her hands. She got healing instantaneously.  Pain and stiffness left her and she was thrilled she could move her fingers easily again!  BTW, her hands are her work tools, she is a hairdresser.  Another Divine Detail of Orchestration: she would not have made it to the Saturday workshop, if things had worked well according to OUR original plan —as a hairdresser, she would have had to work on Saturdays and would have missed the workshop altogether.

Last we heard, Sabine is now taking off like a rocket.  According to her daughter, she is now evangelising to her family and is on fire for Jesus!

Lesson LEARNED to those serving God actively: 

Stop DOUBTING God’s Powerful DIVINE Hand and Goodness to work through our imperfections and fumblings.  He will get us where we were supposed to be, at the Right Time and the Right Place.

Here’s a snippet of the awesome feedback we received from the other workshop attendees:

On Sunday we had the workshop, it was led by Wai-yee and Phyllis. It was such an amazing power of God amongst us, the spirit was very high. The topic was" Who am I?"  It was such a great topic, because most Christians don't know who they are. Wai-yee explained into details  the relationship between us and God, how much he loves us, how close he is to us, how important it is to be a born again, and many more. We felt the presence of God. It was such an amazing day that we're all not going to forget.  The workshop took  the whole day, but the time went so fast, we wanted more of God's  word. - Joyce  

Donna attended it for the second time and found that it was more full of life and truths than she recalled.  :)

Wai-yee did a wonderful job of first explaining the importance of understanding our new identity in Christ; she then proceeded to show us (using the authority of scripture) the benefits and the numerous gifts that come with being a child of God.What resonates with me is that, the minute we receive Christ, there is an instant transformation whereby we receive a perfect Christ- like nature, a perfect nature because our perfect God would never give us anything less! It was refreshing to study and review what Christ did for us on that cross. It was equally exciting to marvel at all the benefits God has given us, all because of love and nothing we have done. It was worth attending and I would recommend this wisely planned course to anyone who has ever posed in the midst of their life’s journey and asked this important question, “Who am I? - Cathy