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Can Stock Market Closing Numbers be Clarion Calls for the Body of Christ?

By Wai-yee Schmidt

January 16, 2018

My prophetic antenna has been triggered!  11 days ago, I woke up with a start on the Friday of January 5, 2018 with these numbers in my head, 25000 and 7000.  Immediately, a coin dropped in my spirit. These were the all-time high closing records of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq one day earlier, i.e., January 4, 2018.  

Look at this snapshot I took from my phone that Friday morning, now I believe to be a day of divine appointment.

Now, contrast that with my license plate, ‘JC’ standing for Jesus Christ and ‘F’ for Frankfurt, Germany, where I live…

Can you identify the common denominators in these two snapshots? You should see the numbers 5 and 7 (and multiples) glaring back at you.  

Most of us will know the significance of these 2 numbers: 7 denotes perfection and maturity, while 5 denotes grace.

In 2017, I did two things relating to these numbers.  First, I wrote an article, published in charismamag.com, exploring the unusual alignment of 5 and 7, relating to the year 2017, the Jewish year 5777 and the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, that they reveal a new season of uncommon grace and perfection. Second, as a demonstration of faith and witness for Jesus, I chose 757 when I applied for my license plate number.  Astoundingly, we saw a huge uptick in soul harvest, healings, teaching workshop attendance and our social media reach.     

Imagine my shock when I was awakened last Friday morning with a numerical vision of 25000 and 7000. The alignment of 5 and 7 was appearing in the historical closing numbers of both the Dow Jones and Nasdaq.

Prophetic or not, what is the probability of the three 7’s appearing in the Nasdaq closing number 7077?  We do not have to be mathematicians to understand the odds of that occurring are close to zero, especially when we factor in the probability of the Dow Jones also closing at 25075. This is a supernatural wake-up call that needs to be shared!  Here’s my attempt to decode the vision’s subtitles.

Through this unusual platform, God is calling the body of Christ to maturity. The Holy Spirt is so emphatic about it, He made the number 7 appear 3 times (3 itself being the number for the Holy Trinity)!   

This is a shofar-decibel CLARION CALL for the body to move towards perfection and maturity in its collective thinking. We are to live out 1 Corinthians 12, that we are one body and we make room for each other’s different gifting, callings and individual styles. Time to stop the toxic, mutually destructive criticism of one another, or constant judging of whose theology is right or wrong.  Time to drop the moral high-horse bar or the I am holier than thou badittudes!  

Let’s now look at the Dow Jones closing number of 25075.

The number, 25000, can mathematically be broken down as 5 x 5000.  This is a huge multiple of the number of grace.  The Holy Spirit is signaling that we are continuing into a season of not only uncommon, but accelerated, multiplied and compounded grace.  Furthermore, He chose to manifest these numbers specifically through stock market closings to indicate to us an unusual sign … it is a gigantic open window of heaven, that God Himself is opening His storehouse for a season for financial breakthroughs and harvest!  

This is an undeniable CLARION CALL for the body to reach through the window, into Heaven’s storehouse, while it remains open.  For how long? Rabbi Curt Landry said in his Youtube video, Your Year For Success 2018/5778, these times could be the 7 fat cow years referred to in Genesis.  He also pointed out, President Trump may only be in office for a maximum of 7 more years.  

I believe, President Trump has been 'prophesying' prosperity through his tweets.  This is not about liking his style of communication, but spiritually speaking, he is undeniably being used by God to usher in tremendous economic prosperity. The stock markets are strengthening unabated every day this past year.  In fact, President Trump prophesied shortly after these numbers were reached, that the stock market will go on from 25,000 to 30,000.  Simultaneously, the global economy is moving into, what world commentators call The Perfect Storm, when all the conditions for growth are not only present in the Americas, Europe and more, but are all strangely synchronized.  This can only be God’s hand in all of this.    

This is a gigantic OPEN window for us.  It’s a clarion call to mature, to drop false humility or religious attitudes to wealth creation teachings. It’s time to tap finally into that elusive ‘Transfer of Wealth’ promised to believers in Isaiah 60 (MEV):

To me, it’s clear as glass that the Lord has spoken through those phenomenal  closing numbers.

We need to start moving!  Some of us know that God called us to become entrepreneurs, so get moving on that business plan.  We need to turn innovative ideas from the Holy Spirit into strong and profitable businesses.  We need to work hard, create different streams of income so that we can get out of debt, stop renting and start owning!  God called us to own real estate.  We need to create Kingdom wealth to bless those in need and give back to the Kingdom.  We need to create jobs and be the blessing to our community that God has always intended.  We need to live out our God-given identity as Kings and Priests.   

Wealth is a weapon to overcome debt and poverty that are holding God’s people hostage. There’s no time for criticism about teachings on wealth and prosperity!  Let’s mature, move in on the storehouse in this season of accelerated, multiplied grace — 7077 and 25075.   

Jan. 16, 2018

Update. Although the market has, at the time of publishing, cooled off the last couple of hours, the fact remains that this morning, Jan. 16, 2018, the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded above 26,000 for the first time, an unprecedented increase of 1000 points in just 12 days.